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The Day Begins

The Day Begins


For the pupils and the teaching staff, the Presidency day begins with a short meeting for each class. This is followed by a daily assembly when the whole school gathers together in the auditorium.

Assembly will always include that most valuable of Indian culture and tradition, prayer and meditation, a period of calm and quietness for every one to share and enjoy before the work of the day begins.

the_day_begins2.jpgGreetings and messages, plans and Programmes, felicitation and festivities from the main flow of the morning assembly. The Head of the school addresses the gathering and gives the necessary instructions

Of Courses for the boys and girls boarders the day begins a few hours before the assembly, when they rise for the morning, going for their fitness, a fresh morning study hour and then their breakfast which all boarding pupils and resident staff take together in the dining hall as day pupils arrive at the school.