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boarding_at_presidency1.jpgThe boarding concept as it is understood adds a new dimension in one's learning life. It adds miliew of living culture. I t creates a sense of co-habitation, living together. It expands the educational scope even for the first generation learners. It extends the area of knowledge providing "better learning" environment to attain higher performance. It provides more space, time and facilities for yoga, meditation, sports and games, fine arts and music and surfing. These are but a few opportunities, many of the day pupils may not get at home.

The secular outlook spearheads unity in diversity bringing about communal harmony and inter religious faith and beliefs among our teachers and pupils.

boarding_at_presidency2.jpgOur boarding pupils come from different parts of Karnataka like Bengalaru, Tumkur, Davanagere, Chitradurga, Hassan, Kolar, Bellary, Chikkabalapur ere and towns and villages of neighboring state of Andhrapradesh. Of course, many come from towns and villages of Tumkur district.

These girls and boys have parents who work in other places for major companies, institutions and business houses. Man)' of the parents are occupied with farming and agro based industries. These boys and girls bring to the school community the enriching qualities of their own blending with different culture as all enjoy each other's company. The boarding life provides ample scope and space to Eve together with and among people coming from different strata of the society. Here in the boarding they learn to Eve with dignity and honour. They learn to develop a sense of care and share with people around them. Thus a bond of fraternity develops. Sharing together experience adds to a pupil's living time at the school.

boarding_at_presidency3.jpgFurther the day pupils benefit from this association with We boarding school just as a boarder benefits from the company of the boys and girls. Everyone integrates successfully into the daily life of the school.

Once the day pupils have left, our aim is to ensure that boarding pupils see the school as a "home away from home", with the added advantage of having many friends around to share interests and activities.

The playfields, the computer rooms, the library and the art and drawing area are all busy well into the evening. In the boarding house there are opportunities to relax, quiet reading and experimenting.

boarding_at_presidency4.jpgThe boarding school is a caring community with experienced  staff providing sympathy and support whenever they may be needed.

We appreciate that the boarding pupils and their families like to keep in touch with each other and we have made this as easy as possible. Telephone, voice mails, e-mails and internet facilities are available.

We see school and family as a partnership to offer the best of opportunities to girls and boys as they are growing up. Our boys boarding rooms are organized by year groups, giving each its own character.

Our girls' boarding house provides accommodation for all years, though teenagers have their own space.

Younger pupils usually share dormitories while members of the college / higher classes may have shared bedrooms of 4 to 6.

At weekends boarders may take advantage of the activities organized and supervised by our resident staff.

These range from visits to places of interests, places of worship on special occasions, day trips / theme parks etc. and social service activities / environment conservation an community development.